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A quick question I forgot to ask to help me understand email routing.  If
user A sends an email to user B, that email may travel through several
servers along the way before arriving at user B's email client.

After user A sends the email from their own email client, is the first
server that the email travels to always going to be the mail server?  Or is
it typical that the email may travel through one or more other servers
before arriving at the mail server, and then after that still traveling
through possibly several more servers?

Last question - Does the sylpheed mailing list itself have a public key that
Gnupg users should use in order to send the list encrypted email? Thanks

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> Do you have a pgp public key?  I would like to send my first encrypted 
> email to another user, but do not know anyone that might already use 
> GnuPG


I have, but not for this address and nor for share with the world (paradox),

Even if it is almost dead, if you use Usenet, you could go to the newsgroup
comp.security.pgp.test. There is (used to be) helpful people doing tests


P.S.: alternatively you can go here:

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