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I think that strategy would work fine, just put anything in the subject line
that is not related to the content.  

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> BTW I use Sylpheed mostly to email individuals, not public lists.
> I agree that the ettigute for mailing lists should be different for 
> emailing an individual, my mistake so I will use a subject line when 
> emailing a list of people here.
> If an automatized email organization system fails because of no 
> subject line then who's fault would that be? My fault?

Hi, (trying to reply directly to you by Gmane news server)

You are right, it is not your fault. It's one of those things that could
happen if something is being programed assuming things and, in this case,
looks that happened with no subject posts. It was an example to show to you
what could happen (or is only happening to me), not directly blamming.

But also, it is not only you, the other messages on this thread are comming.
Only yours are failing :-? Never happened before with your posts. Weird

> Thank you for confirming that the subject lines are not encrypted.
> I think that is an important fact to know if a user wants to send
> private encrypted emails.

Private can also be a subject like "Dogs" when you are talking of 
cats in your encrypted messages. Anyway, the private, the content, is 
encrypted, so who cares about subject. Put just an "a", or a dot "." 
if your addressee doesn't care about it ;) Maybe not as necessity but 
compliance or, whatever... :D


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