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I doubt there is a majority of users that would want to omit the subject line altogether.  A majority of the users I imagine use the subject line so the confirmation message is not an issue at all to them.  

At the very least the confirmation message box should be truthful.  Instead of "Are you sure you want to send the email without a subject line?", it should actually say "Any  users that do not comply with the wishes of the majority will be harassed with this message until they comply". I think we can all agree that is the only reason there is no way to disable it, to "encourage" users.   But why stop there, if a user does not use a subject line, why not use "Enhanced Encouragement" and just crash their computer?  You could really get compliance fast that way and we could spare others the annoyance of no subject line.  

Like I said earlier, I have been unable to find another email client that does not present this message and I prefer Sylpheed overall.


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On Wed, 04 Jun 2014 13:33:53 -0600, Gene Goldenfeld wrote:

> I object to anyone sending emails without a subject, which is why I do 
> not think it should be encouraged by adding an option to Sylpheed.
> Unless Hiro thinks otherwise, perhaps you should look elsewhere.
> In your reply, I see a lot of "I" but no "we," no discussion of 
> general interest.  Just like driving, the Internet is first and 
> foremost a social arena (or medium) where the general interest in 
> safety, security and sharing necessarily come first.

+1. I (like many others, no doubt) find received emails without subject
irritating. If it were up to me, I'd prevent Sylpheed from sending them entirely, rather than just issuing a warning.

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