[sylpheed:36236] Archive and restore issue

elabo at countermail.com elabo at countermail.com
Tue Dec 30 13:37:12 JST 2014

Hallo from Indonesia,

I have been using sylpheed for many years. I first started back in 2002? or 3? u til now. I am using linux mint vs 17 and sylpheed 3.4.1

I keep my mailboxes on a encrypted flash drive. I back this up 2 x a week to my encrypted HD and 1-2 x a month to another HD.

A month ago my FD failed so i restored my mailboxes to a new FD....except that almost all 2014 trash folder was gone. I was not too worried because it is the trash folder. Then unexpectedly my new FD failed too! This time when i restored all the trash folder from the 1st fail was gone BUT also from aug to late nov from one of my other folders. I have yet to check every folder so i do not know how the others are for sure but so far it seems only these folders are affected. 

This has actually happened to me last year when I copied the files from an old FD to a new, bigger one. I lost many months from my trash folder. So this is obviously a issue/bug.

Any ideas? As I said - I back up very often so I should never lose more than 2 or 3 days. 


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