[sylpheed:36048] Re: GnuPG error message..

Javier meresponde2001-sylpheed at yahoo.es
Sun Apr 13 04:49:27 JST 2014

On Sat, 12 Apr 2014 20:01:12 +0100
Peter Withey <pete at pwithey.co.uk> wrote:

> Thanks for your reply Javier. Installing GnuPg appears to be more
> complicated than the "readme" file implies. As I don't need to use PGP
> I'll just kill the error message by unticking the "show message again" 
> box. It's the easiest option <g>


The best option then, LOL. Why bother on the message or install
it ;) ?

I thought by your first message in this thread that you *needed* GPG,
that's why explained.

Anyway, for someone might be helpful :)


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