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cgw993 at aol.com cgw993 at aol.com
Fri Nov 1 13:07:19 JST 2013

> Outlook refuses to allow users to have control over software they 
> purchased and own.  How can people stand that?

>I don't. I don't even do Windows.

I have a virtual machine installed and am trying out different Linux
programs.   I plan to dump all Microsoft/Apple/Adobe/NSA/Proprietary
software products from my computer over the next year

> Here is all that I need
> anyone have a good recommendation for a replacement?

>Yes, Sylpheed. Isn't that why you are posting to a Sylpheed email list?

I am trying out Sylpheed along with some others.  I did not like Mozilla
Thunderbird at all, in some ways it seemed more controlling then Outlook.

> I like Sylpheed.   My only concern is that some of the code is non free
> I guess.   I am hesitant to invest in learning new software unless I
> know for certain I am not being spied on, that features are not forced 
> on me whenever the developer feels like.  Non free code often can 
> allow this.

>Hiroyuki Yamamoto <hiro-y at kcn.ne.jp>, the lead developer posts notices of
availability of beta versions on this list. When people don't like something
he's proposing or if they want something new, they respond.
>Hiroyuki does listen to comments and has changed course on parts of some
releases in the past. He's very reasonable.

>As to spyware, I never thought of it. Hiroyuki would have to comment on

I think that is great.  However, if the code is non free, you cant see it.
You have to "trust" the developer.   This is something I think people should
do as a last resort, if there is no other alternative.  If it is possible to
make Sylpheed completly free that would be great.   Maybe the features that
are making it non free are not really needed?

> I hate Outlook so much that I feel I should only consider software that
> has completely free software.   I noticed that Claws has the GPL
> license and not a LGPL.    What feature of Sylpheed causes it to have
> the LGPL instead of GPL?

Again, Hiroyuki would have to comment on that.

> Just wanted to rant about Outlook. Microsoft sucks.

>So use Sylpheed, already.

I am looking into it


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