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Fri Nov 1 12:47:30 JST 2013

I currently still use Outlook 2010.   I just hate that software and all the
crap "features" they force upon users.   Occasionally I have to transfer the
contacts, address book etc from one computer to another. Same operating
system, same version of Outlook.     The process never seems to work
entirely well, is cumbersome and aggravating.    How is it possible, that
Outlook in todays day and age cannot manage to do something as simple as
create a button that says "Transfer your crap from this computer to a file",
then have another button that says "Import your crap to this computer".   It
should not be difficult at all for Outlook to copy contacts, address book
etc.  In fact I dont even see why it should be difficult to preserve the
folder structure. 

Currently my Outlook has what looks like literally 50 folders, of which 45
of them are completely  useless.   The folders cannot be deleted.   You
can't have it your way.    For every email that I send, Outlook tells me
that I am not responding to the latest thread or something in this
conversation.  This cannot be turned off entirely.   I would have been nice
if there was a button on Outlook that said "Tell Outlook to mind it's own gd
business and stop data mining my gd emails or tracking my conversations. ".
I dont want the crap add ons, the "social" junk they install or any other
forced feature.   RSS feeds? Ugh

Outlook refuses to allow users to have control over software they purchased
and own.  How can people stand that?

Here is all that I need

-A very basic ability to make folders.   I should be able to create a folder
named Monday if I want, and then create another folder named Monday that is
located inside of that folder.  Not an easy task in Outlook and it cannot
exported. I will make my own system for address book and contacts
-The ability to view a photo inside the email body
-The ability to filter spam
-The ability to search emails within reason.   Windows Search is the most
useless thing I have ever seen on supposedly "High tech" operating system.
To this day, I am still trying to find a search program so that I can do the
most basic searches on my own comptuer!  I used "Everything" to do this, but
it stopped working, anyone have a good recommendation for a replacement?

I like Sylpheed.   My only concern is that some of the code is non free I
guess.   I am hesitant to invest in learning new software unless I know for
certain I am not being spied on, that features are not forced on me whenever
the developer feels like.  Non free code often can allow this.   I hate
Outlook so much that I feel I should only consider software that has
completely free software.   I noticed that Claws has the GPL license and not
a LGPL.    What feature of Sylpheed causes it to have the LGPL instead of
GPL?  I think Claws is ok, I believe it is derived from Sylpheed, but
Sylpheed has a better "feel" to me.

Thx for reading.   Just wanted to rant about Outlook. Microsoft sucks.

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