[sylpheed:35630] Sylpheed "looses" filters

Wolfgang Keller feliphil at gmx.net
Wed Mar 27 01:29:54 JST 2013


try the following (on Windows):

- select a message from then Inbox
- right-click, select "define filter - automatically"
- define the filter, but do not close the dialog box with the lists of
all filters afterwards
- terminate Sylpheed "abnormally" (by killing it from the process

Upon restarting Sylpheed, the list of filters is empty, all filters are

Since Windows frequently gets hickups, especially when doing I/O (such
as writing to disk), it does so sometimes right in the moment when I
just have defined a new filter, so Sylpheed gets terminated abnormally
(not by me, it's just this §$%&@#! non-operating system that locks up)
and all my filter are lost. Which is annoying, since I have several
hundreds of filters. And by the time I notice it, all filter.xml.bak
files have been overwritten with an empty filter list.

Another bug I frequently encounter on Windows is that when I open a
message from the "drafts" folder (postponed reply), it is read-only and
menus as well as buttons are missing. The same happens quite frequently
when I reply to messages - the reply message window is read-only, I
can't edit anything and menus as well as buttons are missing. The
workaround is to close the window and re-open it, the second times it
is usually ok.



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