[sylpheed:35619] I cannot see base64-encoded messages

Artem Litvinov litvinovartem at gmail.com
Sun Mar 17 20:44:51 JST 2013

Hello everybody,

I noticed when I get a plain-text e-mail with

Content-Type: text/plain; charset=windows-1251
Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64

I do not see any text in the body of the email. It looks like an empty
Though I can see it (encoded) through View/Message source.

I use 
Sylpheed Version 3.4.0beta2 (Build 1145)
GTK+ 2.24.10 / GLib 2.32.3
Operating System: Linux 3.5.0-23-generic (x86_64)
Compiled-in features: gthread IPv6 iconv compface GnuPG OpenSSL LDAP
JPilot GtkSpell Oniguruma

When I installed Claws-Mail (version 3.9.0), I was able to see the
e-mail. But I still cannot see it in Sylpheed.

Please help.

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