[sylpheed:35602] Using External Editor - Problem

Harry Benson dogbrake2 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 5 06:25:32 JST 2013

Hi, new user to Sylpheed ( Beta) but I love it so far. Being
rampantly Dyslexic a spell checker is not a luxury but a necessity.

I searched and read and tried installing GNU ASpell ( the ISpell
replacement) as per instructions, then added the recommended text into
the "External Editor" field, but clicking the "Editor" button did
nothing when writing a reply.

OK, next option I found SynWrite (SourceForge) which has an inbuilt
spell check. I used the full path and program name for the "External
Editor," and checked the "Launch external editor" option but when I
select "Reply." I get the standard internal editor.

So, what am I doing wrong?
How do I fix that?

I REALLY would love a spell checker within Sylpheed and I hope that
the developer takes pity on the Dyslexics of the world and adds in
Hunspell or something in a coming version.


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