[sylpheed:35581] http links

Jens Tobiska jtobiska at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 23:26:54 JST 2013

When registering on websites, one typically receives an email reply
asking one to confirm the registration by clicking on a link. These
links contain ampersand characters (&).

Sylpheed correctly displays the link string in the email view, however
the underlying href has & instead of &.
Clicking on the link in sylpheed generates a warning message:

Fake URL warning

The real URL (some-url) is different from the apparent URL (other-url).
Open it anyway?

"some-url" and "other-url" only differ in the ampersand character.
"some-url" has & and "other-url" has &

In order to register I have to manually copy the visible link or
replace the & with & as otherwise I am redirected to the wrong URL
in the browser.

Is there a fix/setting for sylpheed to properly handle this? Same
email/link in other email programs works without problem.


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