[sylpheed:35571] Re: Upgrade 3.2 to 3.3

Hiroyuki Yamamoto hiro-y at kcn.ne.jp
Mon Feb 18 11:31:32 JST 2013


On Fri, 15 Feb 2013 23:55:29 -0500
Ray Jones <jwilton at bellsouth.net> wrote:

> Irecently installed version 3.2 on an older Windows XP systemfor trial.  
> Now I see that version 3.3 is available.  How do I change from 3.2 to 3.3?

If you are using the installer version, just download 3.3 and run the

If you are using the zip version, just overwrite the contents while
Sylpheed is not running.

Hiroyuki Yamamoto <hiro-y at kcn.ne.jp>

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