[sylpheed:35564] Re: Mail Filters not working

Anton Shepelev anton.txt at gmail.com
Sat Feb 16 01:26:42 JST 2013

Frank Lanitz:

> > Everything  works , when used manually. But set-
> > ting sylpheeds preferences to "filter  new  mes-
> > sages  in INBOX on receiving" it doesn't work. I
> > still have to filter manually.
> >
> > Versin of sylpheed is 3.2.0 (Build  1137)  (from
> > the debian wheezy repos)
> At least from my experince the filters are getting
> only applied automatically on pop-accounts.

Really strange, but IMAP filterng does work for  me.
I  tried  with  a simple filter for my Gmail account
that moves a message to a folder if it came  from  a
specfic  address.  In case anybody's interested I am
ready to publish my full Sylpheed configuration sans
logins and passwords.

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