[sylpheed:35550] Quick summary of problem during initial setup of version 3.0.0

Simon Loewenthal simon at klunky.co.uk
Thu Feb 7 19:01:36 JST 2013


Hi there, 

 Here is some feed back on Sylpheed 3.0.0 on Windows 7.

* Automatic setup of IMAP/SMTP-AUTH accounts. * 

The wizard presumes
default ports for connections. 

Attempting to enter formats like: will result in crash after wizard is complete. 

is not an option on the wizard. Only SSL. 

-> We use 13327 for
SMTP-AUTH and 8188 for IMAP4/SSL. 

After starting Sylpheed again, and
manually configuring the SMTP-AUTH and IMAP/SSL details a Get is
performed, or a Download all. We do not know what happens after this
because Sylpheed does nothing: No error messages nor success messages. A
check on the message log on the server (Dovecot) show that it never

Environment: Windows 7 Enterprise, US English. 

Best of



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