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Mon Dec 30 06:53:20 JST 2013

On 29 December 2013 at 15:16, edwardp at mcom.comwrote:

> Looks like my original post didn't quite make it...  
> It looks like 3.4 will be able to display HTML e-mail messages.  Will it 
> also be able to compose HTML e-mail as well?

HTML email has been able to be displayed for many versions prior to 3.4.
If you go 

Tools -> Common Preferences -> Display

You can find options to handle the display of HTML messages.  Personally,
I make use of double left click and have any HTML rendered inside my web
browser - as I prefer using individual tools designed to do something well
rather than adding additional support into an existing tool.

As for HTML editing, you could 

Tools -> Common Preferences -> Compose -> Editor

And enable "Automatically launch the external editor" and then define
the external editor as something that can create HTML.

In my opinion, adding features that can be done better with an external 
program adds to code bloat, maintainability issues, and compromises the
original goal of the tool.  Then again, I'm an old school Unix guy using 
MH as my prefered email format.

> Thank you.

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