[sylpheed:35920] Re: Add-On: OpenPGP with sylpheed

Stefan A. stefan.a at portblue.net
Mon Dec 9 19:54:25 JST 2013

@Javier: Thanks for the suggestions. That's basically what I'm doing
now, so the message generated by my server is identical to one
encrypted by Sylpheed in every way except for the PGP block, so I
suspect I'm not using the right encryption command here. Until I figure
out what that is I just dump the PGP block into an ordinary plaintext
email and decrypt it using the action command as you suggested :-)
Thanks for the help!

@Paul: You're right, of course. That was just my way of saying that
it's an effective but often inconvenient workaround to my problem :-)

Stefan A. <stefan.a at portblue.net>

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