[sylpheed:35737] Re: Display no new messages in inbox imap

Anton Shepelev anton.txt at gmail.com
Sat Aug 3 02:49:49 JST 2013


> > What  is  selected in the drop-down list located
> > just above the top-left corner  of  the  message
> > list window, and to the left of the quick-search
> > textbox?
> "All" (options are "Unread", "Marked"...). Do  you
> refer to this?

Yes.  In this case Sylpheed should display the whole
contents of the  folder.   Have  you  compared  what
Sylpheed  shows  with  what  the web-interface gives
you?  Maybe you have some filters in Gmail or filter
rules in Sylpheed that move messages from the Inbox?

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