[sylpheed:35732] Re: Sorting messages by size + thread view

Anton Shepelev anton.txt at gmail.com
Fri Aug 2 03:21:21 JST 2013

Nicolai Sandow:

> When thread view is activated, sorting messages by
> size only counts the first  mail  in  the  thread.
> It's  logical when you know about it, but it's not
> what you expect when sorting by size.   One  solu-
> tion  would  be to temporarily disable thread view
> in this case.  A better solution would be  to  add
> up  the sizes of all messages in a thread and then
> place the thread accordingly  in  the  size-sorted
> view.

Or  by  the  size  of  the largest attachment in the
thread.   So  we  have  three  options  and   either
Sylpheed  should  let the user choose one or disable
by size in threaded mode.

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