[sylpheed:35711] selecting all mails matching certain fields

Globe Trotter itsme_410 at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 1 01:28:00 JST 2013

Dear Hiroyuku and others,

I have a question: how do I select all the e-mails that match a certain field? 

As an example: suppose I want to search in my e-mail folders all e-mails from amazon.com. I do a Ctrl-F and fill in the required field. I am given a listing of e-mails that match this listing. Now suppose, I want to select all these e-mails and move them to a (perhaps new) folder called amazon. How do I do this in sylpheed? Can this be done? (I know that it can be done with Claws-Mail, but my question is specifically wrt sylpheed). If this can not be done, I would very much appreciate including this as a feature in a potential future update.

Many thanks!

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