[sylpheed:35710] Re: sylpheed.log

Bruce Bowler bbowler at bigelow.org
Thu Aug 1 00:36:26 JST 2013

Yes, I do have the space, but it's a bit of a performance hit as it
gets badly fragmented and, I'd really prefer that it not be created.
Things there for debugging should be created only when debugging is
needed (ie at the users discretion).

Hiro, can this be made optional in a future release?


Wed, 31 Jul 2013 09:31:06 -0600 Craig <freecycle01 at pisquared.net> put
fingers to keyboard and said:

>On Wed, 31 Jul 2013 11:20:15 -0400 Bruce Bowler <bbowler at bigelow.org>
>> >While perusing my disk, I discovered a very large (several 100 K)
>> >file called sylpheed.log.   It appears to contain a transcript of
>> >every interaction with my mail servers.  
>> >
>> >Why is this file created and how do I stop it...
>> >
>> >Bruce
>> A couple of details I left out...
>> Sylpheed 3.3.0, 64 bit Windows 7.
>> Stopping sylpheed, deleting and restart sylpheed starts a new file.
>> I've looked thru the configuration options and didn't see anything
>> obvious.
>The file is created as a debugging resource. You cannot stop it. Surely
>you have enough disk space for a several-hundred k log file....

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