[sylpheed:35644] Sylpheed Link opening --> can't open bookmark in Opera

Gene Goldenfeld genegold at fastmail.fm
Fri Apr 12 01:31:54 JST 2013

I've had this weird problem since January between Sylpheed and Opera
browser.  In any computer session with Opera open, once I open a link
from an email in Sylpheed, all attempts to open links from Mailwasher
Pro and Bookmark Buddy (bookmark utility) return a "Another user is
running a copy of Opera" error box.  At this point, I have to
close Opera and start again.  This kind of error usually signals an
incorrect install of Opera as a multi-user setup instead of a single
user, but in this case the install is correct, and I've done a clean
install during this time.  The error does not occur when opening links
in those other apps first, only after opening one from Sylpheed. 

I don't know that Sylpheed is at fault, only that it precipitates the
problem and it's a recent development, so it's worth posing the
matter here.  Another Opera user to two have reported something
similar, but their fix didn't solve mine.

Gene Goldenfeld
Sylpheed 3.4.0 beta3/Win32, Win 8x64.

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