[sylpheed:35240] Re: Mailto syntax (Opera)

Gene Goldenfeld genegold at fastmail.fm
Thu May 10 00:22:17 JST 2012

Thanks for the ideas and link, but not quite a go.  In Win 7, with
Sylpheed set as default and set to open in Opera Prefs (other
application), the parameters only work if Sylpheed is closed.  Sylpheed
opens, retrieves mail and when that's done opens a compose window with
the address (e.g.).  If Sylpheed is already open, there's no response.
That is, unless the parameter is left off (or is incorrect), in which
case focus switches to Sylpheed (or it opens), which isn't of much
value to me. I've tried the following parameters (with/without dashes in
front), with the same result: 

--compose mailto:%t 
--compose %t   

Btw, whatever is entered in the parameter box is kicked up to the end
of the application line.  Open with default application doesn't work
and doesn't appear to be editable (checked operaprefs.ini).  


On Wed, 09 May 2012 06:48:08 -0400
"Michael A. Puls II" <shadow2531 at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 5/6/2012 12:02 PM, Gene Goldenfeld wrote:
> > Awhile back I asked about Mailto syntax to use in Opera to open a
> > Sylpheed compose window and came up with --compose mailto: % t.
> > That's not working now.  Anyone have success with anything else?
> > Thanks,
> On Windows, you'd just set Sylpheed as the default for mailto. Then,
> in Opera, you'd just make sure "Ctrl + F12 -> advanced -> programs -> 
> mailto -> edit" is set to "open with default application". On linux,
> you *might* be able to do the same in some situations.
> However, if you want to specify the command yourself (on windows or 
> linux), you can use the "open with other application" option. The
> syntax for it is at <http://www.opera.com/support/kb/view/472/>.
> On linux, you basically want to use %r. On Windows, you want to use 
> mailto:%t?subject=%s&body=%m&cc=%c&bcc=%b to simulate %r. Or, see the 
> kmail example on the page for how you pass them separately.
> So, for sylpheed, you'd point "open with other application" to the 
> sylpheed executable and put:
> --compose %r
> in the param field.
> Note that the param field doesn't support quotes. This means that you 
> can't do:
> "argument with spaces"
> and have it count as 1 argument. But, this shouldn't be a problem
> with %r though as it'll return the mailto URI with all its hfnames
> and hfvalues percent-encoded. %t, %s, %m, %b and %c on linux though
> will return percent-decoded values for kmail's sake. On Windows,
> those should be percent-encoded (most of the time, minus bugs).
> Note that with KDE for example, after you set the default mailto
> handler in KDE, in Opera, you could set "open with other application"
> to pass %r to some kde handler which will then pass it along to the
> default mail client (useful for kmail if you just want to pass %r
> from Opera). I forgot the name of the kde mailto handler executable.
> I'll see if I can dig it up. Others besides KDE might have a similar
> executable.
> -- 
> Michael

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