[sylpheed:35314] Re: [ANNOUNCE] Sylpheed 3.2beta9 released

sopra-it at gmx.net sopra-it at gmx.net
Thu Jun 21 05:04:24 JST 2012


> since about Sylpheed 3.2 Beta 6, a strange behavior occurs with reading new
> unread mails from IMAP servers. This applies to several ones here, which is
> Strato (strato.de) for me and Freenet (freenet.de) for my girlfriend. When
> trying to read several mails on the IMAP servers the first one is loaded
> correctly, but subsequent messages are not fetched. Then only a red message
> appears saying "The message cannot be displayed properly" 

I think I have a similar problem. But for me it is with gmails IMAP: If I have
many new messages and step through the new messages too quickly, then the
message "The message cannot be displayed" appears and I cannot fetch and
read that message. For me this appears since Sylpheed 3.x, as far as I remember.

best regards

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