[sylpheed:35296] Re: Feature request: backgrounding of IMAP transactions

Anton Shepelev anton.txt at gmail.com
Thu Jun 14 06:08:49 JST 2012

Dennis Carr:

> Problem:  If  somebody  engages  in  certain  IMAP
> transactions, this will cause Sylpheed to be  une-
> sponsive;  a user si not able to interact with the
> program  other  than  certain  functions  such  as
> scrolling,  opening logs, or composing mail.  That
> is, they can't navigate
> Solution: process these  IMAP  transactions  in  a
> background "forked" process.

I'd support this suggestion.  But, please, note that
it is not only IMAP  transancions  only  that  block
Sylpheed's  UI.  In my opinion, the UI should be de-
signed so that it will never get unresponsive during
network  operaions.  Think of a loosely coupled Mod-
el-View-Controller architechture.  It  will  require
intensive  inter-process  communication  but will be
very nice.

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