[sylpheed:35097] Re: Sylpheed crashes when connecting to Gmail via IMAP

anton.txt at gmail.com anton.txt at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 00:10:41 JST 2012

I wrote:

> Today  Sylpheed  stopped to work with my Gmail ac-
> count, crashing on attempt to  establish  an  IMAP
> connection.  Here's the last entries in the log:

Other e-mail clients (Pegasus, Outlook) do work cor-
rectly with the same accounts, and taking  into  ac-
count  that  back  at  home (I am writing from work)
Sylpheed is feeling well too, I  think  the  problem
should  lie  either  in my machine or in the network
configuration.   But  I  need  your  help  in  trou-
bleshooting  it because I don't know what to ask the
admins about.


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