[sylpheed:35063] Re: Information regarding the receipt of reading

Hiroyuki Yamamoto hiro-y at kcn.ne.jp
Tue Jan 10 10:47:40 JST 2012


On Sun, 8 Jan 2012 18:18:48 +0200
Cristian Secară <liste at secarica.ro> wrote:

> În data de Sun, 8 Jan 2012 15:23:56 +0100, David Depardoux a scris:
> > What about "Request diposition notification" in the "Tools" menu? 
> From what I have tested, sending to myself a message with that option
> activated does nothing on receiving (Sylpheed-to-same-Sylpheed).

The 'Request disposition notification' option just adds
'Disposition-Notification-To' header to sent messages.

Recipient's mail client may or may not return a notification for them.
Sylpheed just ignores 'Disposition-Notification-To' header.

Hiroyuki Yamamoto <hiro-y at kcn.ne.jp>

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