[sylpheed:35058] struct stat vs GStatBuf

Gisle Vanem gvanem at broadpark.no
Mon Jan 9 00:45:08 JST 2012

I get lots of warnings from MSVC when compiling code that
uses 'struct stat' and 'g_stat()'. E.g.:
  addrbook.c(1690) : warning C4133: 'function' : incompatible types -
   from 'stat *' to 'GStatBuf *'

If I add '-D_TIME32_T_DEFINED' to my CFLAGS, all is well. Since
'st_*time' in 'struc stat' then becomes the old 32-bit 'time_t'.

The comment in <gstdio.h> pretty much explains it all in details:

/* Make it clear that we mean the struct with 32-bit st_size and
 * 32-bit st_*time fields as that is how the 32-bit GLib DLL normally
 * has been compiled. If you get a compiler warning when calling
 * g_stat(), do take it seriously and make sure that the type of
 * struct stat the code in GLib fills in matches the struct the type
 * of struct stat you pass to g_stat(). To avoid hassle, to get file
 * attributes just use the GIO API instead which doesn't use struct
 * stat.
 * Sure, it would be nicer to use a struct with 64-bit st_size and
 * 64-bit st_*time fields, but changing that now would break ABI. And
 * in MinGW, a plain "struct stat" is the one with 32-bit st_size and
 * st_*time fields.


Bottom line: If we want Sylpheed to work beyond the year 2036, we 
should replace the use of 'struct stat' with 'GStructBuf'. Should I make 
a patch?


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