[sylpheed:35016] Re: Request: Windows 7 Taskbar Extensions for Sylpheed

pn361529 at yahoo.com pn361529 at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 1 00:56:12 JST 2012

> Ingo Strauch <brack at the-one-brack.org> wrote:
> So because I don't have Win 7 at home, how is the behaviour right now
> when one hovers the mouse over the taskbar icon of Sylpheed? Just
> standard window operations like "close"?

Currently, when the mouse pointer hovers over the taskbar button of
Sylpheed, then there are just the basic thumbnails:


which preview the Sylpheed windows.

But currently there are _no_ thumbnail toolbars:


Currently, when the user right clicks the taskbar button of Sylpheed,
there is only the usual jump list:


which currently only offers the following basic operations:

Pin this program to taskbar/Unpin this program from Taskbar
Close window

But there currently is _no_ custom jump list:


In a nutshell, Sylpheed currently doesn't really seem to feature/support any of
the advanced Windows 7 Taskbar Extension at all ;).

> Anyway, I think the feature makes absolute sense on Win 7.


> And I don't
> even really see a reason why this should be configurable if it gets
> implemented.


> You need to hover your mouse over or right-clickt the
> icon in order to see these extensions. Can't really see how that harms
> someone who doesn't want to use it.

Exactly. Might be that "Bruce Bowler" did not know about this?

One exception would probably still be the "Overlay icons" extension:


They would seem to be visible if: they are in use (because of new
messages for example), and if the taskbar button of the application is
visible on the taskbar, and if the taskbar is in the default large icon
mode (Overlay icons currently do not seem to be visible in Windows 7 if
the taskbar is in the small icon mode, which is also mentioned in the
link above).

But, if you take a look at the fourth picture here:


there you can see a small blue circle symbol in the lower right corner
of the taskbar button which shows "5". That small symbol over the
taskbar button would be an example for an "Overlay icon". How would
that be "clutter" or anything like that ;D? In the picture above it
seems to reflect the number of new mails, how would that not be
useful ;)?

Also, keep in mind, that what you see above the taskbar button in those
pictures (thumbnails), would only show up if the mouse pointer
would hover over the taskbar button. In fact, thumbnails already do
show up with Sylpheed (like described above). But currently the
thumbnails only do the basic preview of the Sylpheed windows. How would
it not be useful if the thumbnails would instead show information about
the content of the E-Mail(s) for example like shown in the pictures
above for example ;)?

In the pictures above, the thumbnails are shown without a mouse
pointer visibly hovering over the taskbar button. Not sure, but one
might guess that this was done only for the purpose of presentation, if
you know what i mean.

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