[sylpheed:35117] Feature inquiry

Chris Brennan xaero at xaerolimit.net
Tue Feb 21 07:39:21 JST 2012


	I've always been on the hunt for a reasonable mail client that
suited my needs in windows, I think I've finally found that mail client
in Sylpheed. I like it a lot. It's faster then claws mail and it mostly
does what I need. This is actually the first piece of mail I've sent
with the client, so this will be a test to see if I like how it
composes and sends mail.

	In all this, I do have a question. My primary e-mail host is
Google Apps for Domains (they are processing and hosting my e-mail via
therre GMail interface.) While this has always worked, I need more in
the composition of reading of mail then what they can offer. Enter
Sylpheed. The question being, is there a way when deleteing mail from
within Sylpheed, to not apply the "[GMail]/Trash" label? Essentially, I
just want deleted mail to have that label removed and thusly archived
and have spam/unmwated e-mail expressly deeleted.

	I realize this is rather specific and might not be a desired
global function of the client and I can live with that if need be (or
move on to a different client) but after subscribing to the mailing
list, I kinda hope to stick around for a bit.

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