[sylpheed:34599] Re: S/Mime and X.509 certificates support

Ricardo Mones mones at debian.org
Wed May 25 19:17:22 JST 2011

On Tue, May 24, 2011 at 02:29:22PM +0200, Jean-Michel Pouré - GOOZE wrote:
> Le mardi 24 mai 2011 à 12:35 +0200, Ricardo Mones a écrit :
> > Since when does Sylpheed support PostgreSQL?? 
> >   I think you're confusing Sylpheed with Sylph-Searcher. 
> OK, my fault. Do you support X.509 certificates and S/Mime?

  IIRC not directly, but you can probably automate it through actions.

  In case you need something more integrated you can have a look at Claws Mail
  mailer which has a plugin for S/MIME handling.

  Ricardo Mones 
  RTFM - "Read The Manual" (The 'F' is silent). Usually a very good 
  idea.                                             Bjarne Stroustrup

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