[sylpheed:34500] Re: Typing math symbols in Sylpheed

J. Michael Fritch jmfritch at pacificstar.us.com
Mon Mar 14 06:25:59 JST 2011

One more once :-)

To see how mails are handled differently, if such is the case,
here is a repeat of what I just sent you using OE but now using

What I have noted here now is that, even though I had earlier 
set Sylpheed under View-->Character Encoding to Unicode (UTF-8),
it had self-reverted back to "Automatic" and was just now warning
me that "Sylpheed is unable to send this message in the
selected  Western European ISO 8859-1".

Is there any way I can change this behavior by Sylpheed 
of automatically undoing what I have previously selected?

Michael Fritch


Hello Ricardo,

"Nitpicking" is just fine, as far as I am concerned, and your
apparent in-depth knowledge of the subject matter is most
welcome. However, you have to compare apples with apples,
not with pears ;-)

I use Verdana as my font of choice and that font contains
most all of the symbols I have ever needed - and then some.
Occasionally, like for the ≈,  I have to use Times New Roman.

Additionally, I have set all my mail programs to UTF-8.

In OE, for example, I can _specify_ to send in UTF-8 as well as
to _read_ messages that way. With Sylpheed, however, I have
no such option that I would have been able to find until now.

Still, when returning messages that include symbols from Sylpheed
to OE, those symbols are intact and unchanged.

However, one thing is what _I_ do locally and quite another thing
is what _Sylpheed_ is doing with my message when posting that
on its site. That's when the symbols get corrupted and becomme
illegible and meaningless as you so correctly "nitpicked":
The _degree_ ° has become  º; the _fourth power_  has become ; what I believe to
be _infinite_ ≈ has become ≈.

As far as I can tell, there is not much I can do about that. Or can I?

Michael Fritch


On Sat, 12 Mar 2011 10:54:22 -0800
"Mike Fritch" <jmfritch at pacificstar.us.com> wrote:

> Hello Gene,
> I am using either one of two Character Maps, one of
> which should be on your computer already.
> Go to Programs-->Accessories-->System Tools-->Character Map.
> Either select/print your special characters from there or, for more
> frequent use, make a shortcut from there to your taskbar, at the
> bottom of the screen.
> These symbols and characters are correctly reproduced both by
> Sylpheed and by at least Outlook Express. At the moment, I
> can not remember what symbol stands for 'not equal', but it
> will work from the character map just as well as any of the
> other symbols.

  Any Unicode character could be represented as long as the font used to
  display the mails has the glyph for it (and the UTF-8 encoding is used
  for sending the mail, of course :)

  And now, just for correctness nitpicking:

> º     degree

  That's not degree (°) but masculine ordinal symbol (it's commonly used in
  Spanish), notice the lack of underlining on degree symbol.

> ≈     infinite ?

  That symbol is rendered by \approx in LaTeX and I guess the same in
  Unicode. Infinity would be: ∞

>      4th power

  That looks like prime or similar character not fourth power (⁴).

 Ricardo Mones

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