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Ricardo Mones mones at debian.org
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On Sat, 12 Mar 2011 10:54:22 -0800
"Mike Fritch" <jmfritch at pacificstar.us.com> wrote:

> Hello Gene,
> I am using either one of two Character Maps, one of
> which should be on your computer already.
> Go to Programs-->Accessories-->System Tools-->Character Map.
> Either select/print your special characters from there or, for more
> frequent use, make a shortcut from there to your taskbar, at the
> bottom of the screen.
> These symbols and characters are correctly reproduced both by
> Sylpheed and by at least Outlook Express. At the moment, I
> can not remember what symbol stands for 'not equal', but it
> will work from the character map just as well as any of the
> other symbols.

  Any Unicode character could be represented as long as the font used to
  display the mails has the glyph for it (and the UTF-8 encoding is used
  for sending the mail, of course :)
  And now, just for correctness nitpicking:

> º     degree

  That's not degree (°) but masculine ordinal symbol (it's commonly used in
  Spanish), notice the lack of underlining on degree symbol. 

> ≈     infinite ?

  That symbol is rendered by \approx in LaTeX and I guess the same in
  Unicode. Infinity would be: ∞

>      4th power

  That looks like prime or similar character not fourth power (⁴).

 Ricardo Mones
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