[sylpheed:34495] Typing math symbols in Sylpheed

Mike Fritch jmfritch at pacificstar.us.com
Sun Mar 13 03:54:22 JST 2011

Hello Gene,

I am using either one of two Character Maps, one of
which should be on your computer already.

Go to Programs-->Accessories-->System Tools-->Character Map.
Either select/print your special characters from there or, for more
frequent use, make a shortcut from there to your taskbar, at the
bottom of the screen.

These symbols and characters are correctly reproduced both by
Sylpheed and by at least Outlook Express. At the moment, I
can not remember what symbol stands for 'not equal', but it
will work from the character map just as well as any of the
other symbols.

Michael Fritch

§     Section
ç     cedille
%    percent
@    at
º     degree
µ     mue
Ä     Ae
Ö     Oe
Ü     Ue
£     Pound Sterling
¥     Yen
≥     larger than
≈     infinite ?
≤     less than
     4th power
√     root

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