[sylpheed:34491] Delete icon underlines e-mail address and displays mailto link

epp at mcom.com epp at mcom.com
Tue Mar 8 10:19:33 JST 2011

I was not able to locate any type of bug reporting system, but would like to report a bug I found in Sylpheed 3.1.0beta2 that was included with Ubuntu 10.10.

When a mail message is opened in Mailbox (MH), regardless of which folder it is in, if the mouse is over the Delete icon at the top, the From: e-mail address in the e-mail displayed becomes underlined, with its mailto: link appearing at the botton of the screen.  

I have noticed this in e-mails that were in both the MH Inbox and Trash folders, but this does not occur with an e-mail opened that is in an IMAP4 folder.

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