[sylpheed:34483] a couple of enhancement requests...

Bruce Bowler bbowler at bigelow.org
Fri Mar 4 06:38:24 JST 2011

Neither of these are of "earth shattering" importance, but both would
be nice, at least IMHO

I use sylpheed in a windows environment.

1) Provide a setup option such that when sylpheed checks for new
messages, if the only new messages are in folders of type "junk", the
tray icon isn't changed to show there's new mail (ie "junk" shouldn't
trigger an interrupt in the users brain :-)

2) (I'm not sure I'm properly describing this so bear with me)  I find
there are a large number of occasions where I click on a message to
show it in the "message" window that I can tell right away that I want
to delete that message. I watch for the envelope to disappear, thinking
that at that point, I can delete the message, but that's not always the
case.  It seems that the envelope disappears before the message is
"fully fetched".  Frequently (especially on a "slow" link with a "long"
message), sylpheed still shows "getting message xxxxxx" at the lower
left on the status bar.  I'd be happier if the envelope didn't
disappear until the message was fully retrieved.


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