[sylpheed:34697] Re: [patch] plain-text local copy when encrypt is enabled

Axel axel at james-b.ch
Sat Jul 30 03:28:10 JST 2011

On Sat, 23 Jul 2011 18:08:03 +0200 Ricardo Mones <mones at debian.org> wrote:
>   Encrypt also with your key in addition to the recipients' keys, that's how
>   you make your local copy readable. Leaving a clear text copy goes against
>   your motivation to encrypt.

I have continued to read the code and searched a way to add "himself" to the list of receiver addresses but didn't succeed. I thought something like this should work but it doesn't:

	compose->to_list = address_list_append_orig(compose->to_list,

I assumed that "smtp_userid" is our address and that gpg uses this list to make the encryption but it seems wrong because only the original destination get the email. Moreover my local copy is not encrypted with my key.

My goals are: my local copy should be encrypted with my key, the sent email should be only encrypted with the destination key (I wouldn't like having multiple gpg messages). The drawback is that the original and copy aren't the same which implies different signatures, but it isn't that bad in my opinion.

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