[sylpheed:34650] New install questions

RJM rjm at gandsnut.net
Tue Jul 12 00:31:20 JST 2011


I've just installed Sylpheed and am setting it up for my use.

I notice under Configuration -> Common Preferences -> Send -> General
the item "Save sent messages to outbox" is checked.

However, there is no folder "outbox" in the "Mailbox (MH)" folder tree.

Does "outbox" = "Sent"?

The bigger question I have is how to separate sent and received emails
to 2 configured accounts.  I've set filters to deal with received emails
(moving from "Inbox" to "ABC_Inbox" or "XYZ_Inbox") and that works as
expected.  Thus, I'm trying to figure out how to handle sent messages.

RJM <rjm at gandsnut.net>

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