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> > Well, promise I'll read the plugin specs, here
> > http://sylpheed.sraoss.jp/wiki/index.php?PluginSpec , could someone help
> > with this plugin?

> It is possible a plug-in to get the contents of selected text by
> "textview_menu_popup" signal. It requires context menu to be opened by
> right button click, though. You will be able to create a context-menu
> based one ('menu -> Translate selected' or something).

Yamamoto san, arigatou gozaimashita.

So it's not (yet?) possible to proceed like the current Firefox/Thunderbird
rikaichan plugin? That plugin does not need to select the text and open the
popup but, when enabled, it automatically highlights the text under the
mouse (if it's Japanese text) and shows the information in a tooltip while
(for example) pressing enter switches between the installed dictionaries
(words, kanjis or names).

Well, in the meanwhile I think I can try to proceed according to your
suggestion. Studying...

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