[sylpheed:34420] Sylpheed 3.1 released

Hiroyuki Yamamoto hiro-y at kcn.ne.jp
Mon Jan 31 18:50:44 JST 2011


The new stable version Sylpheed 3.1 has been released.


This release contains many improvements for usability. The features
requested by many users, such as combining partial messages, removal of
attachments, automatic address completion, etc., were added.

The feature to assist the migration from Outlook Express has been added.

Various bugfixes have been also made.

    * New features
          o Win32: Automatic update of program and plug-ins was
          o A new plug-in 'Attachment Tool Plug-in', which enables
            the removal of attached files, was added.
          o The feature to combine partial messages (RFC 2046,
            message/partial) was added.
          o SOCKS4/SOCKS5 proxy support was added.
          o Automatic address completion was implemented. Users can
            also configure to use the previous behavior (start
            completion on Tab key).
          o Drag and drop of addresses on the address book is supported
          o Win32: The automatic import of Windows Address Book (WAB)
            file on initial startup was added.
          o MS Outlook Express mail stores (dbx) can be imported now.

    * Improvements (send / receive)
          o The option not to display the send progress dialog was
          o Messages on POP3 server will be left for 7 days by default.
          o 'Cancel all' button was added to the POP3 receive dialog.
          o The POP3 receive dialog will display only the number and
            size of messages in current session, not including
            previously received ones.
          o On POP3 receiving, new messages are displayed on the
            summary view immediately. Folder switching is not required
          o The upper limit of auto-check interval was changed to 1000

    * Improvements (interface)
          o The default boolean type of query search and filter
            condition became AND.
          o Move/copy marks are now preserved on folder refresh when
            immediate execution is off.
          o When modification of templates are cancelled, confirm
            dialog will be displayed now.
          o The order of templates can be changed now.
          o Virtual folders can be moved now.
          o 'Always show messages in summary when selected' was
            improved, and it is enabled by default.
          o Redundant menu items are not displayed on the context menu
            of the folder view now.
          o A new option 'Change current account on folder open' was
            added, and it is enabled by default.
          o On 'File - Save as...' dialog, '.eml' extension was added
            for the default file name.
          o Users can move up/collapse/expand the folder view using
            left/right arrow key now.
          o The menu items 'Mark/Mark' and 'Mark/Unmark' were changed
            to 'Mark/Set flag' and 'Mark/Unset flag' for

    * Improvements (junk mail)
          o Junk-filtered or trashed messages are not counted as new on
            mail receiving.
          o Show error dialog if junk mail filter command exit with
            fatal error.
          o On junk mail filtering, appropriate Junk folder for
            accounts will be selected.
          o 'Junk' special folder was added. It will be automatically
            created if not exist.
          o 'Empty junk' context menu will be displayed on the Junk

    * Improvements (addressbook)
          o A new option 'Set only mail address when entering recipient
            from address book' was added.
          o The menu items 'Add to recipient/Cc/Bcc' were added to the
            address book.
          o 'Alias' attribute can be selected on CSV addressbook import.

    * Other improvements / changes
          o 'Reply to this address' was added to the e-mail address
            context menu.
          o The matching algorithm of filtering was optimized
            (time-consuming conditions will be evaluated later).
          o Build revision number was added to the about dialog.
          o When going offline, all current network sessions will be
          o Low priority will be used for long timeout interval.
          o Win32: The text font setting will be checked always on
            startup (Japanese locale only).
          o Win32: The installer now allows users to choose plug-ins to
            be installed.
          o Win32: The installer now remembers the previous install
            settings on update.
          o Win32: MS Outlook Express mail stores can be imported
            automatically on first run.
          o "mark_as_read_on_new_window" setting became a hidden option.
          o A new account option 'Put signature before quote (not
            recommended)' was added.
          o When inline image setting is off, images are not displayed
            in the Attachment tab too.
          o When a connection to IMAP/News server fails, an error
            dialog will be displayed now.
          o The debug log output for filtering was added.
          o A new option '--instance-id <ID>' was added. This allows
            users to run multiple instances of Sylpheed.
          o Plug-ins are also loaded from user plug-in directory now.

    * Bufgfixes
          o The long-standing bug in undo/redo was fixed.
          o The bug that caused crash if the quick search was executed
            while folder tree was empty was fixed.
          o The HTML parser was fixed to handle 'a' tag correctly.
          o The bug that temporary password was not cleared when
            authentication failed on SMTP AUTH was fixed.
          o The bug that temporary password was not cleared when
            authentication failed with remote POP3 mailbox was fixed.
          o The bug that accepted SSL certs were not loaded when using
            --configdir option was fixed.
          o The IMAP4 response parser was fixed.
          o The LDIF parser was modified.
          o The hidden <account-id> filter condition works now.
          o Fixed-positioned windows (such as main window, compose
            window, etc.) are always displayed on screen now. This
            prevents windows displayed outside of screen between multi
            and single monitor switching.

Hiroyuki Yamamoto <hiro-y at kcn.ne.jp>
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