[sylpheed:34477] Feature Request: select list of folders for "search message" or "search folder"

Attila Kinali attila at kinali.ch
Tue Feb 22 07:51:21 JST 2011


I've just run into slightly annoying inconvenience:
My mail setup is rather on the big side, ie nearly
1M mails in 300 folders. Hence searching over all folders
takes a considerable amount of time.
Some times, i have to run searches over several, but limited
number of folders, which do not have a comon parent folder
beside the root folder. If i select the parent folder and
select "search subfolder", searching takes several minutes.
Searching in the 3-4 folder which are relevant, takes about 10s.

Now, would it be possible to select a list of folders to search
in for the "search message" dialog and for the search folders?
That would simplify the task here quite a bit.

Thanks in advance

			Attila Kinali

It is the unknown we fear when we look
upon death and darkness, nothing more.
	-- Albus P. W. B. Dumbledore

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