[sylpheed:34450] Re: Bug#611855: crashes (perhaps during mailbox check)

Antonio Ospite ospite at studenti.unina.it
Thu Feb 10 07:12:47 JST 2011

On Wed, 09 Feb 2011 16:37:13 +0100
Antonio Ospite <ospite at studenti.unina.it> wrote:

> I am still getting it on 3.1.0-1.
> I haven't figured out what triggers it but I've got it a couple of a
> times in a day.
> Attached there is my backtrace log, I'll try to supply a log with
> "thread apply all bt" the next time I hit it, if needed.

Here is the "thread apply all bt full" log attached.

The problem happened once again to me after downloading some messages
via POP3 (once at message 4/5 once at message 2/3), I am not sure if
sylpheed lost any message on crash, I'll take care to look at that the
next time it happens.


Antonio Ospite

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