[sylpheed:34989] Re: BUG?: Messages are still marked as read when opened, even if "Always mark as read when a message is opened" option is deactivated?

Anton Shepelev anton.txt at gmail.com
Fri Dec 30 23:11:59 JST 2011

Cristian Secară:

> If  that  option  would have been implemented, the
> actual behavior can be reproduced by simply enter-
> ing 0 as the timeout (i.e. instant).

Agree,  but, as I said, a time-based criteria is not
reliable anyway.

> At least for me, the actual behavior is very  con-
> fusing,  because when I open a folder it instantly
> mark as read the message that happens  to  be  se-
> lected and (say) if there was one message received
> and I did not paid attention to the normal or bold
> status  of  the folder label, now right from start
> all messages are marked as read so I  cannot  tell
> if  there  was new mail or not in that folder. Be-
> cause of this (as well as other scenarios) I  have
> to keep that option deactivated.

Agree on this behaviour being useless.

I have "Always open messages in summary when select-
ed" on and "Always mark as read when  a  message  is
opened"  off, which makes new messages automatically
open in summary and message view, but does not  mark
them  read.  Another possibility is to keep the Mes-
sage View hidden most of the time and press  "V"  to
read a message.


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