[sylpheed:34988] What's the holdup?

Bruce Bowler bbowler at bigelow.org
Fri Dec 30 22:49:31 JST 2011

I'm a windows user who's been using sylpheed "forever" (ok, not forever
but for a really long time, since version 0.7 maybe ;-)...

My greatest frustration with the program is the lack of spell checking
support on the windows platform.  It's so frustrating that I've tried
to "jump ship" several times and always end up back at sylpheed.  

My most recent attempt at jumping ship was the claws (which I assumed
was going to be an easy jump given it's ancestry, it was still painful).

The windows version of claws has spell checking, so it's *clearly*

WHEN will spellchecking in the windows version be a priority???


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