[sylpheed:34977] Re: How to call attention to the Sylpheed main window when new messages arrive (Sylpheed for Windows)?

pn361529 at yahoo.com pn361529 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 29 19:42:11 JST 2011

On Thu Dec 29 05:02
Gene Goldenfeld <genegold at fastmail.fm> wrote:

> One option: I use Mailwasher (Pro) as a first stop for viewing and
> filtering email manually (it has a spam filter built in but I don't
> use it).  When something arrives I have it set to blink in the sys
> tray (Win 7). There is a free version of MW.
> Gene


no, not what i was looking for. Why use another application to check
for new mails, if Sylpheed does that already ;). But thank you anyway,
and please don't take it personal or something like that ;).


>When something arrives I have it set to blink in the sys tray (Win 7).

The Sylpheed tray icon also does blink when new messages arrived... but
that is another story... ;D. Maybe should explain that in another
(following) thread. Actually, if you haven't noticed that the Sylpheed
tray icon is blinking, it's even more encouraging to explain it ;D.

However, making the Sylpheed taskbar button blink/flash and glow when
new messages arrived is what i was looking for in this thread, just like
explained in the description of the Add-on mentioned in the OP. From
that it seems like it would be achievable by calling attention to the
main window ;).

And that at least sounds like it would be easy to implement and also it
seems like other OSes than Windows could also benefit from such an
option, which is why i thought it would be worth asking for it ;).

So, if anyone can explain how to achieve this, that would be nice :).

Thank you very much in advance.


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