[sylpheed:34973] Re: How to call attention to the Sylpheed main window when new messages arrive (Sylpheed for Windows)?

pn361529 at yahoo.com pn361529 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 29 01:55:01 JST 2011

JerryHeyman <heymanj at bellsouth.net> wrote:

> In reading the description, would the following suffice?
> Tools -> Configuration -> "Common Preferences" -> details
> -> interface
>   - check "display tray icon" (and possibly "minimize to tray
> icon" and
>     "Toggle window on trayicon click")
> Tools -> Configuration -> "Commmmon Preferences" -> Receive
>   - check "auto check new mail every" and then set it to 1 (or 2min)
> Email arriving will cause the tray icon to change from it's standard
> to a red marker when new email arrives.
> Is that enough visual cue?
> jerry


thank you very much for your fast reply :).

But i already was aware of the notification capability of the Sylpheed
tray icon and i actually started this thread because i personally think
the notification which the tray icon provides is too "subtle" ;)
(meaning: not "enough visual cue" ;D ). Maybe should have mentioned
that initially ;).

What the decription of the Add-on mentioned in the OP explains is what
i was looking for with this thread. In Windows for example, calling
attention to the Sylpheed main window when new messages arrived, should
make a Sylpheed taskbar button blink/flash and glow, which seems to be a
more prominent notification than what the Sylpheed tray icon provides.
And because one could imagine that an option like this maybe
wouldn't be too hard to implement (not sure), i asked here ;).

But thank you anyway :).

I was also going to ask something similar in another (following)
thread, so you might want to take a look ;).

Still, if there is someone here who can provide a solution for this
topic, it would be appreciated of course :).

Thank you very much in advance.


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