[sylpheed:34927] Please turn back message view area behaviour!

andreythinking at gmail.com andreythinking at gmail.com
Sat Dec 10 03:02:11 JST 2011

Hi, dear developers of sylpheed.
The new feature of Sylpheed 3.2.0 beta 2 "always visible message vew" on startup is very uncomfortable.

All peoples have different private choose which interface is good for they. And size of the display differs from one to another compurer.
In few words, interface should be CUSTOMIZEABLE and it should keep status between program launches.

It is very uncomfortable for me to always see vew area. I look at big list of messages and open some of them on need. Now list of messages is short and there is unneedable area. Where are peoples with same opinion around the world, amount of Sylpheed users is at risk of reduce.

Best regards, Andrey

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