[sylpheed:34914] How to get useful printouts from Sylpheed on Windows?

pn361529 at yahoo.com pn361529 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 8 21:15:39 JST 2011


just recently discovered Sylpheed, pretty awesome E-Mail client ;).

But one thing is pretty annoying, so i'm posting here because i have a question and don't know where else to ask:

Is there any way of printing E-Mails nicely with Sylpheed when using Windows?

When printing (both to a local printer and PDFCreator), Sylpheed (latest stable version for Windows) mostly only prints the first page of long E-Mails and also the formatting of the printouts is leaving much to be desired generally if you know what i mean. So printing with Sylpheed alone seems to be almost useless from this side.

I did research quite a bit but unfortunately couldn't find any appropriate solution.

What i found was a (pretty old) tool called MailPrint which is mentioned here: http://claws-w32.sourceforge.net/index2.html#ExternalApplications . It works, but the resulting formatting of the printout is not satisfying and it seems as if it is not (at least not easily) possible to change the formatting of the printout with this tool.

I also read about Muttprint, which seems like it would be exactly what i am looking for. But Muttprint can't be used with Windows, or can it?

Lastly i also read about the reference of printing using enscript in the Sylpheed FAQ. But there doesn't seem to be much written about it in the FAQ at all. Enscript is also mentioned on the page posted above: http://claws-w32.sourceforge.net/index2.html#ExternalApplications .

BUT: how to use enscript for printing with Sylpheed on Windows ;) (putting the emphasis on Windows)? Unfortunately i can't find anything useful about that.

Is there anyone who could point to a tutorial or something like that, or anyone who could even explain it himself? Or does anyone have another (better) solution?

What i would like is being able to get nice printouts from Sylpheed on Windows (if necessary using an external application) with a reasonable formatting and possibly with the option to change the formatting (headers, font, page numbers and so on) ;). It would be very nice if someone could help out, because apart from that, Sylpheed is pretty awesome :).

Thank you very much in advance.


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