[sylpheed:34910] parallel tasks, sending receiving mail...

Ervin Peters ervin.peters at ervnet.de
Sat Dec 3 05:07:52 JST 2011

parallel tasks, sending while receiving mail starts scheduled in

...results sometimes in 

"cannot store email in output folder" (or similar, I translated the
message from [de] to [en]

at the point where

Send email is started, during sending (smtp) the scheduled receive
starts, and then the message window tries to store sended message into
send folder, while the receive is still in progress (multiple accounts
with some folders, took aboot 10s, on heavy load times upto 30s, to

That means to me there is only on subsystem-Task which handles

Either this should be blocked during the complete send task or it
would be fine to be splitted to subtask which makes it possible to
send and receive in parrallel.


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