[sylpheed:34906] Address Book suggestions

Gene Goldenfeld genegold at fastmail.fm
Thu Dec 1 06:01:20 JST 2011

3.2.0b4/Win 32.  So far so good with the new beta.  A couple of
suggestions that I think help use of the Address Book search facility.
If I type in a search name, it puts the whole address in the search
line if it's found or offers a drop-down if there are more than one
possibility. What would help there are two things:

- the Address Book list could scroll to the name in question and
perhaps highlight it; and/or
- add a button to allow directly going to the search result's card,
i.e., for editing.  

Right now, one gets an address and buttons to add it to a compose
window, but nothing that allows working within the Address Book


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