[sylpheed:34753] IMAP and Yahoo not working... sometimes

meresponde2001-sylpheed at yahoo.es meresponde2001-sylpheed at yahoo.es
Fri Aug 26 10:30:57 JST 2011


I'd like to ask if you are having troubles when you use Yahoo IMAP service.

The problems I'm having are (and I thought that was a Yahoo problem because it was happening with seamonkey mail client too, but, yesterday, started to work on seamonkey mail client (I tested and looks the problem is related to passwords parsing/sending)):

1.- passwords not accepted if white spaces or special characters. This only happens with Yahoo, no other mail services as, for example, Gmail.

But... not ever, with some accounts with passwords including both type of characters in the password (white spaces and symbols/special chars) the IMAP connection works.

I can't find why with some work, with others not.

With this first case, the accounts not working with Sylpheed, works with other mail client.

2.- yahoo.co.jp started to serve through IMAP (and here is where I started to dig with other mail clients) and was working perfect from the first day, now, stopped working.

But... it doesn't work through other mail clients either!!!

I think with Yahoo.co.jp, something else is wrong, as, sometimes, the password isn't accepted via pop or even web access :/ but as I'm not sure if this could be related to Sylpheed too, I decided to ask you.

But, I'm getting off topic, are you getting these problems with IMAP and yahoo services?

Oh, also, it doesn't matter if the connection is through ssl or not. It fails the same way.


Apologizes for my english :P

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